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Normal Testosterone Levels

Normal testosterone levelsTaking into pollen can not because it is destroyed in the stomach digestive juices, so it is accepted only under the tongue, where the blood is sucked in, avoiding the gastrointestinal tract.


Actoprotectors (A) - is a group of synthetic drugs that prevent the development of fatigue and increases efficiency. Direct actoprotectors anabolic effects on muscle tissue is weak, but they have a strong indirect effect, as it allows to dramatically increase the load, which give direct anabolic effect. Under the action actoprotectors ordering steroids online ship to work increased glycogen content in muscles, liver and heart. It increases the efficiency of tissue respiration. Actoprotectors such oorazom are anabolics indirect action.

Furthermore, little lowering blood sugar actoprotectors to some degree contribute to the secretion of growth hormone. Actoprotectors improve memory, endurance, adaptation to the lack of oxygen, increase resistance to cold and heat. And are compounds ekonomiziruyuschego actions contributing to the implementation of a certain amount of work at minimum cost. A reduced rate of decay of the working of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. At the same time, accelerates the rate of synthesis of short-lived proteins in the liver, are responsible for the body's adaptation urgent. In recent years, dozens were synthesized actoprotectors. All of them can be divided into two main groups: derivatives of guanylthiourea and derivatives merkantobenzimidazola 2.

In clinical practice it is entered only one drug from the group of 2-merkantobenzimidozola - bemithyl.

Boehmite. Available in tablets of 100 mg. Assigned from 2 to 4 tablets per day. Because the drug has the ability to cumulate in the body, it can take up to 6 th consecutive days, then make a 3-day break, etc. testosterone levels in women Boehmite greatly improves overall endurance and body weight. Its effect is stronger, the higher the exercise. Improved performance under the action bemitila may reach 200%, especially when working in conditions of oxygen deficiency. Boehmite increases the resistance to high temperatures.

Digestive enzymes.

At high physical activity the body requires a sufficiently high inflow of plastic material and energy from the outside. Digestive system, unfortunately not always cope with its task. Poor digestive capacity of the gastrointestinal tract may be a factor limiting the growth of muscle mass and performance due to the relative protein and vitamin deficiency. To correct digestive processes use a combination of drugs containing the digestive enzymes. The reception of such preparations significantly improves digestion and promotes weight gain. Digestive enzymes can be taken both alone and in combination with other anabolic agents.


It contains three digestive enzymes: lipase, cleaving fatty acids; Amylase breaks down carbohydrates; Proteases break down proteins. Festalum also contains bile acids, which improve digestion of fats and stimulate zhelcheobrazovatelnuyu biliary liver function, increases the permeability of cell membranes. testosterone replacement therapy Hemicellulose, also present in the preparation, obscene improves function of the stomach and intestines, bind toxic products of intestinal bacteria activity. Festal should be recognized as one of the steroids and testosterone most successful enzyme combination preparations, improves digestion.

Product: Bean. 1 tablet contains: Lipase - 6.000 ME. Hemicellulose - 0.050 g Amylase - 4.500 ME. The components of bile - 0.025 g Proteases - 300 ME. Take 1-3 pills Festal, during or immediately after a meal. The number of receptions of the drug depends on the number of meals.


Combined preparation containing: Lipase - 100 IU. Protease - 12,500 units. Amylase -12,500 units. Product: Bean. Assign 1-3 tablets before meals.

Normal testosterone levels

And the pancreatin Festalum addition, there are other combination preparations containing digestive enzymes but should be less successful acknowledge composition and therefore less effective. In medical practice, the digestive enzymes are used in patients with insufficient gastric secretion, insufficient pancreatic function, with digestive disorders, atrophic gastritis, chronic colitis, food disorders. Individuals with high gastric secretion (high acidity), digestive enzymes are contraindicated because they can aggravate disorders associated with increased aggressiveness of gastric juice.


Increased protein synthesis and the emergence of new structural units both in the internal organs and muscles need an adequate supply of building material from outside. So the building blocks of the human body is a food containing proteins. It is estimated that the average person occupied burdensome physical work should receive per day from 70 to 100 grams of protein, 70% of which should make animal protein (meat, fish, eggs, dairy products). The people engaged in athletic gymnastics and others. Sports that require a gain in muscle mass, as well as patients recovering from severe disease, the need for protein is increased considerably and ranges from 120 to 150g of protein per day. It is now conclusively proven that vegetable proteins, even containing the desired set of amino acids absorbed very bad, so it is better not to take into account. Poor digestion of vegetable protein due to several reasons:

The thick cell walls of plant cells are often not amenable to the action of digestive juices.

Difficulties adequate crushing plant foods.

The presence of inhibitors of digestive enzymes in some plants, such as legumes.

Difficulties splitting vegetable proteins into amino acids (animal proteins even about 1/3 are not cleaved. natural testosterone replacement therapy Part of the uncleaved protein is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract into the blood unchanged).

High-protein diet itself has anabolic effect. This is due to the fact that the admission of concentrated protein foods such as meat, causes an increase in the level of somatotropin and gonadotropin hormones, as well as insulin. In order to stimulate the release of endogenous anabolic hormones used a diet with a protein content significantly higher than the daily requirement. The daily dose of the protein can be up to 200 g

As you can see, in addition to protein foods plastic function - providing the building blocks of protein structures of the body, has also specifically-dynamic action - the ability to enhance the release of endogenous hormones - anabolic steroids. The strongest-specific dynamic properties in descending order have the following products: poultry, lean beef, boiled eggs, low fat cheese, lean fish.

Precisely because of its specific dynamic action-meat is an indispensable product. It should be noted that the increase in the proportion of protein in the daily diet should be accompanied by a corresponding decrease in the percentage of fat (primarily) and carbohydrates. Fats and carbohydrates impair digestion, reduce the share split protein into amino acids and reduce (up to complete disappearance) specific dynamic action-protein foods. Carbohydrates, such as to inhibit the release of growth hormone. To a lesser extent it relates to fats. It is therefore necessary to strive to eat protein and non-protein foods at different times of day in different meals (separate power supply).

For example: 1st breakfast - boiled meat. Snack - vegetables. 2nd breakfast - fruit. Dinner - eggs (yolks 6ez) Lunch - bird.

Compliance with the principles of a separate food will not only save specifically-dynamic action of protein foods, but also reduce the intestinal toxicity, as the case of separate use of products sharply reduced (but sufficiently complete chewing and completely come to naught) processes of protein putrefaction and fermentation of carbohydrates in the intestines. Against the background of the use of anabolic drugs daily allowance of protein standards should oyt increased even more. For example: when using anabolic steroids (if their dose is not excessive) appears sharply positive nitrogen balance and the protein needed daily dose can be up to 300 g Animal fats in pure form from the diet is better to exclude, as a large number of protein foods and so contains enough a lot of fat. The same applies to the use of insulin, which not only causes an increase in muscle, fat and tissue. Exclusion of animal fat diet reduces the amount of fat is synthesized in the body under the action of insulin. Many top athletes western countries completely abandon the use of sugar and whatever else sweet products, believing that the less a person eats sugar, the easier it occurs in the working glycemia in training and the greater allocation of growth hormone.

Claims that a person can not digest more than 30 grams of protein at one meal meaningless, because it does not take into account the number of meals per day, while finding food bolus in the stomach during digestion of protein and specifically-dynamic action. High protein diet has long been proven to be effective (subject to the above points) during intense workouts that require muscle mass, as well as during convalescence after a long flowing debilitating diseases. It deserves special conversation diet required to remove fat from the body without damage to the muscle massy.V a diet increasing the proportion of protein is combined with the total exclusion of animal fat (lard, butter, cream, fatty meats, etc.), as well as sugar and starchy food.

Because protein products are used only lean meat and fish as sources of complete protein. Meat also contains a fairly large amount of carnitine promotes the breakdown and utilization of fatty acids. Carbohydrates are available in the body in the form of savory fruit and non-starchy vegetables. Potatoes and grains are excluded.